What to Expect During Siding Replacement

Having Siding installed on the exterior of your home is an exciting and very rewarding project, especially if you know what to expect. You can avoid surprises by understanding the siding installation process and some of the challenges that may arise once your project has begun. This post will help to educate you in order to better prepare for your upcoming home improvements. 


Your Boyum Representative will begin with an in-home consultation. He will show and review with you the various styles and colors of siding and trim that you can choose from. There is a whole host of different styles for different tastes and price ranges, so having someone who can recognize your needs and point you to the right products is crucial. Your Representative will be able to take a picture of your house, and use special software to mockup what your home will look like with different combinations of siding and trim styles. Whether it’s Mastic Premium Vinyl Siding, EMCO Preserve Seamless Steel Siding, or LP SmartSide Engineered Siding, you’ll be able to see your house finished before it’s finished. Once you agree on the look you want, your representative will provide an estimate that includes the cost of material, labor, applicable permits and the amount of time required to complete your project. 


When your siding project begins, it may seem overwhelming at first. Your installers will begin by tearing off your existing siding. Your interior walls may shake a bit, so remove any pictures or hanging valuables to prevent accidental breakage. Depending on the time of year it may be necessary for the installers to work on only one side of your home at a time to avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions. Your siding installers will have an on-site dumpster to take all of the old siding, trim and any other garbage away to be properly disposed of.


Your Boyum Representative will thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior during your initial consultation to see any signs of water damage, rot, or evidence of asbestos, but sometimes it can be difficult to see those problems before removing the old siding and you may run into additional costs for removal. Once your old siding has been removed, your installers may discover water damage or areas in need of immediate repair. Most of the time there are only simple fixes needed that may include adjusting window flashing or replacing a few feet of wood. 


When your Siding Project is complete, your installers will thoroughly clean up any small loose pieces, remove all waste materials, and walk around your home with you for a final inspection. After that, the only thing left to do is enjoy your beautiful home!



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