Made and installed for Minnesota’s harsh climate

Choosing the right windows for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. We can help take all of the frustration out of the process. We work with industry leading products backed with amazing warranties.

We have been installing windows in Minnesota for over 30 years. We understand the craftsmanship it takes to install a window that will last for decades to come. Below you will find more information on the different options for your new windows.

Where is your home losing energy?

 Drafty windows? Cold corners in the winter? Don't replace those windows just yet. We will come out to your home and show you exactly where to focus your improvements. Sometimes the best solution is much less expensive than replacing your windows.

Windows Made for the MN Climate

The long Minnesota winters can be brutal. We install Lindsay Windows (made in Mankato, MN) because they are built to withstand our harsh climate. We use a vinyl window with a foam spacer that are custom made just for your home. The benefit of a vinyl window is that the joints are fused together to prevent any heat loss. The foam Superspacer doesn’t allow heat to escape through your glass. With an airtight installation, these windows will hold up this winter and for many to come.

Base window Overview

By far the most efficient windows for this climate are the Healthy line from Lindsay. These are vinyl windows that are EnergyStar rated.

Some other window manufacturers will charge you more to achieve EnergyStar status, but with Lindsay that is their base, or standard model.

Available Upgrades

Glass Upgrades

There are additional enhancements you can make to your windows to further increase the comfort level in your home. All of these will range in price, but we will lay out the benefits of each.

Triple Pane | Coatings | Other Upgrades

Wood Grain & Colors

Matching the interior of your home is important. You can check out the various different interior colors for your windows. We offer wood grain along with other colors.

Exterior Colors

White exterior is standard, but depending on your style or existing home there are some other options. Take a look at the exterior color options for your new windows.

Get a FREE Window Buying Guide

Buying new windows for your home is a huge investment – one that you may not be able to afford to get wrong. We have put together a resource of tips and advice on choosing the right products and contractors (even if that isn’t us).

Unmatched WArranty

Workmanship Warranty

Our warranty is the best in the business. We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty and partner that with the warranties of the products that we offer. Many of the products will have lifetime transferable warranties. Our warranty on workmanship is also transferable. More Details

Manufacturer Warranty

Most of the products that we install have a manufactures warranty that protect against defective products. When you work with Boyum Window & Siding we not only stand behind our work with our workmanship warranty but we also take pride in the products and companies that we work with and take care of any manufacture warranty claims so that you don't have to. View the full list of manufacture warranties here.

Why Work With Us?

3 Generations of Quality

Boyum Window and Siding was started in 1983 by Stan and Rachel Boyum and has since been passed down twice from father to son.

Unmatched Warranty

Not only do we work with exceptional products that come with their own manufacturer's warranty, we do one better and cover our workmanship.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Any company you hire to work on your home should be licensed and insured. We have all the necessary protections in place so that there are no surprises.

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